Centering Prayer Intensive and Post Intensive Retreats – Aug 2014

August 2014

This Intensive/Post Intensive dual track retreat held at Transformations Spirituality Center in Kalamazoo was such a wonderful success that the decision has already been made to sponsor the same event next August (2014)

This 8-day retreat is an opportunity for those with a regular practice of Centering Prayer to deepen their contemplative journey in the contemplative world.  It is a week long experience of integrating contemplation and action through silence, solitude and community.

The retreat offers two experiences.  The Intensive experience is designed for persons who have completed an introductory workshop and have a commitment to a regular (daily), practice of Centering Prayer.

The Post-Intensive experience is for those persons who have made at least one Intensive Retreat.  The Post-Intensive offers increased silence along with additional periods of Centering Prayer.  Both the Intensive and Post-Intensive Centering Prayer Retreats provide daily experiences of silence, solitude, walking, and spiritual companionship to foster an ever deepening level of interior silence and awareness of the presence of God in everyday life.

As cost and registration information becomes available we will update this website.  In the meantime we suggest that you put a note on your calendar to check back, perhaps after the New Year holiday, for additional information.