December 2012 – Contemplative Outreach News
- Thomas Keating discusses “Centering Prayer and Resting in God”
- With Listening Hearts – Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler
- Spiritual Companioning – Father Carl J Arico
- Simplicity and Awakening in God – David Frenette

Contemplative Outreach – October 2012 Enews Bulletin
- Pictures and news video from the event at the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformation Values at MIT,
participated in by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Brother David Steindl-Past and Father Thomas Keating
- Defining “Redemptive Suffering” – Fr. Carl Arico
- Faith: An Advent Companion.  A daily companion for moving deeper into a life of pure faith in relationship with the
living God during the sacred season of Advent

Contemplative Outreach – September 2012 Enews Bulletin
- Using the Welcoming Prayer to Let Go – Fr. Carl Arico
- David Frenette’s New Book – The Path of Centering Prayer
- Access to the online calendar for a full listing of retreats, workshops and special events

Contemplative Outreach – August 2012 Enews Bulletin
- Should you combine Lectio Divina with Centering Prayer? – Fr. Carl Arico
- New website resources for Lectio Divina
- On demand course – Practicing the Presence of God
- New products in the Contemplative Outreach Book Store

Contemplative Outreach – July 2012 Enews Bulletin
- The vision of Contemplative Outreach
- “Why so many clergy are not aware of Contemplative Prayer” – Fr. Carl Arico
- New digital downloads available in The Store
- Two Special Retreats available this September

Contemplative Outreach – June 2012 Enews Bulletin
- Why some people suffer for the good of the whole human family – Fr. Carl Arico
- Special retreats scheduled for Sept 2012
- New bookstore items

June 2012 – Contemplative Outreach News
- Thomas Keating describes the 7 Stages of Centering Prayer
- The Grace of the Sacred Word – Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler
- Meandering with Thomas Merton – Fr. Carl Arico
- “Let It Be, So Be It” – David Frenette

Contemplative Outreach – May 2012 Enews Bulleting
- The Thomas Keating Reader: Selected Writings from the Contemplative Outreach Newsletter
- Except from Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ (the book)
- How do we judge what is good and what is not good – Fr. Carl Arico
- Blessings from behind bars: Centering Prayer in Prison

Contemplative Outreach – April 2012 Enews Bulletin
- Three special Retreats scheduled in 2012
- New items in the bookstore
- Voices of the Community

  • “Safe” by Pam Paulson
  • “Dying and Resurrection in Christ” by Debbie Gervikas
  • “Recognition: “It is the Lord”  Jn 21:7″ by Mary Jane Rawlings

- Q & A with Fr. Carl Arico
- New on the Website

Contemplative Outreach – March 2012 Enews Bulletin
- Voices of the Community

  •  “Called to the Desert” – by Sharon Graham

- New Retreats scheduled and an easy to use online calendar
- Q & A with Fr. Carl Arico
- Learn the Method of the Welcoming Prayer

Contemplative Outreach – January 2012 Enews Bulletin
- Fr. William Meninger on Centering Prayer
- Voices of the Community

  • “A Meditation on Centering Prayer and Poverty of Spirit” – by Sydney Orr

- New items in the Store
- A Transformed Live DVD offer from Sr. Maria Tasto
- Q & A with Fr. Carl Arico

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